Flexibility and stability in one currency.

The combination of the avantages of crypto and fiat currencies.

What is bcc?

The Black Chip Coin (bcc) is a new currency that combines the avantages of a crypto currency and the stability of a fiat currency.

Why should i buy bcc?

Black Chip Coin can be used as a tool for payment or as an asset and its value set every month and increases by 0,5% per month.

Who issues bcc?

It can be issued by Countries, Companies or Individuals. The issuer sets the rules and ensures the value of the currency.

About Black Chip Coin:

The flexibility of crypto currencies is unique and breathtaking. No banking compliance, cross border checks and other painful bureaucracy. But 99% of currencies share one huge disadvantage: high volatility. The Black Chip Coin (bcc) combines both advantages: The flexibility of a crypto currency and the stability of the fiat currency EURO (1 bcc = 1 €).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why should i buy Black Chip Coin?

Black Chip Coin can be used as a tool for payment or as an asset. The value of Black Chip Coin (bcc) is set every month and increases by 0,5% per month compared to EURO starting from January 2019.

What`s the difference between bcc and other currencies like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and traditional crypto currencies suffer high volatility. Shops and users can`t really conduct real world transactions since nobody knows the value of the currency just a few hours later. Even worth – everybody expects the value of the currency to rise like happening in deflation. Deflation doesn`t work and stop economical systems to collapse. Most currency issuers like FED and European Union prefer a light inflation within a line of 2%. bcc doesn`t have an independent value and is instead connected to the EURO. Many smaller currencies from smaller countries are bound to larger currencies to ensure stability. The same with bcc.

Who issues Black Chip Coin?

Currencies can be issued by Countries, Companies or Individuals. The issuer sets the rules and ensures the value of the currency. Since 1974 most currencies aren`t backed by real values like Gold. The value is only determined by the trust of the issuer. Even with trillions of debts of the US and the FED being a private company the US Dollar enjoys a high level of trust. The EURO is leading and sole common currency of a many states within Europe. Black Chip Coin (bcc) have the same nominal value of the EURO and are issued by a company based in UK: Black Chip Coin Limited.

How Black Chip Coin Limited can ensure safety and value of bcc?

The Black Chip Coin Limited has issued a limited amount of coins (10 Million) based on decentralized ether technology. All transactions, contracts and available amounts are visible to the public. The amount of 10 Million coins can`t be increased or modified by bccersand Limited.

Black Chip Coin Limited keeps all coins in secure wallets. Interested companies or persons can exchange any currency to bcc. The Black Chip Coin Limited ensures that it keeps the equivalent amount of exchanged bcc in bank accounts under it`s control in EURO. At any time the company is able to exchange all bcc back to EURO if required.

Are there risks involved using bcc?

Transaction and Wallets are very safe. The use of bcc is as secure as Bitcoin and any other crypto currency. The value of bcc is ensured by the Black Chip Coin Limited company. As each company or even countries also the Black Chip Coin Limited can suffer difficulties and is exposed to risks like financial losses. All people involved in supervising the bcc currency have all skills to ensure highest level of security but it should be reminded that bcc involves the risks which any investment and currency has. Please be aware that if the Black Chip Coin Limited fails or declares bankruptcy Black Chip Coin may decrease value or even don`t have a value any more.

Is bcc a charity or a governmental project?

Black Chip Coins are professionally managed and it`s not a charity or governmental project. All funds managed by the Black Chip Coin Limited are invested into companies listed on stock markets. International stockmarkets created around 6 – 7% growth each year since the last 50 years. There are downsides but in the long term company shares create the highest value. The interest and dividends remitted are funding the company and help to ensure safe operation. All assets and financial details of the Black Chip Coin Limited are available to the public as soon they`re finalised by taxadvisors and forwarded to authorities.

I directly want to buy/sell more bcc. How that`s possible?

bcc coins can`t be bought and sold directly on www.blackchipcoin.com. The first currency exchange to list bcc will be www.glocurex.com. It`s highly recommended to be registered on this platform. However the Black Chip Coin Limited ensures that no coins will be issued without having the equivalent EURO or GBP amounts permanently available and under control.

The bcc currency is amazing. Can I issue my own currency?

There are thousands of currency available. Many of them are useless and without value. Some of them are even fake or fraud. It`s advisable to invest only in well known and trustworthy coins. If you consider yourself as being a trustworthy issuer and assume you deliver the global community a useful solution or currency you`re invited to contact the bcc team for advice.

What happens in case of financial trouble of the Black Chip Coin Limited?

In the unlikely event of financial trouble of the Black Chip Coin Limited all registered people who joined the 10 bcc gift program will be informed via Email about all required information. Financial trouble are considered as soon as the bccersand Limited can`t ensure to exchange all circulating bcc back into EURO. The yearly financial reports will include the relevant information to enable all parties to check if the company fulfils the requirements to be able to exchange the coins. Direct exchange won`t be able to be made with the Black Chip Coin Limited. The Black Chip Coin Limited ensures qualified currency exchange companies to exchange all bcc into EURO.

How can I use bcc?

bcc can be used for transfers between friends or business partners between secure wallets. There are also companies who accept bcc as a currency for payment. You may pay your invoices with companies who accept bcc. You can exchange bcc to other currencies like EURO or Bitcoin whenever required with qualified currency exchange companies.

Can I make money with bcc?

bcc isn`t created for speculative purposes like many people use Bitcoin. It`s considered as a secure payment crypto currency as stable as possible. Since the value of the base currency (EURO) may change to other currencies like USD and Bitcoin also the bcc may change its value compared to other currencies (except EURO). It`s not recommended to use bcc as an investment vehicle.

Is the bcc supervised or controlled by any government?

bcc isn`t controlled by any government. Everybody who uses bcc should be aware of the advantages and risks of a crypto currency. Despite the currency bcc itself isn`t monitored by any government the issuing company Black Chip Coin Limited is liable to the jurisdiction its operating in (UK). Therefore UK law and regulation applies. Also claims against the company can be made in written to the companies address.

I`ve no clue how to create wallets and crypto currencies. Can you help?

The Black Chip Coin Limited asks for understanding that extensive consultancy on crypto and the technical details can`t be given. Only bcc related questions may answered via Email. No telefon support will be provided.

What are the IMPRINT details?

The responsible company for this website and the bcc currency is:
Black Chip Coin Limited
Contact: bcc@blackchipcoin.com

"No banking compliance, cross-border-checks and other painful bureaucracy."